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Sydney McCaffrey Starna (born July 9, 1991), known by her stage name as Sly Violet, is an American singer-songwriter. She first signed into Rubix Records in 2004, and released her debut studio album Do What You Want... in 2006. Singles released from the album include “Find a Lover to Love” and “Now I’m Back Up Top Again”.

Sly is currently recording an album featuring music from and inspired by the upcoming 2017 Splash Animation film The Doodle Toons Movie.


Studio albumsEdit

Title Released
Do What You Want... May 2, 2006

Soundtrack albumsEdit

Title Released
The Doodle Toons Movie September 26, 2017


Title Released
For All My Life January 14, 2014

Holiday albumsEdit

Title Released
Da Ding Dong! December 4, 2016


Guest appearancesEdit

Title Year Other artist(s) Album

It's an Easy Lesson

2008 None Twist City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Come to Think About It 2013 Kay Hanley Funhouse: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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